Epoxy Adhesive

Source: Master Bond Inc.
Epoxy Adhesive
EP30HT is a temperature resistant, room temperature curing epoxy adhesive

EP30HT is a temperature resistant, room temperature curing epoxy adhesive. It has a noncritical 100:40 mix ratio weight.

The product has a service operating temperature range of –100°F to 400°F. It can be used for adhesion to metals, glass, ceramics, wood, vulcanized rubber and other plastics. The bonds are also said to be resistant to thermal cycling and chemicals including water, oil and fuels and most organic solvents.

The product can be mixed and be cured at room temperature. It is 100% reactive and does not contain any solvents or diluents. The hardened adhesive is an electrical insulator. Tensile shear strengths as high as 3000 psi are obtained after room temperature cure and the bonds retain high strengths when exposed to the 350°F-400°F range.

The product is available in pint, quart, gallon, five gallon, and 55 gallon kits.

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