ExionLC™ 2.0 and ExionLC™ 2.0+ Systems

ExionLC™ 2.0 and ExionLC™

Reproducibility, reliability and carryover performance that meets your workflow demands, injection to injection, batch after batch.

ExionLC 2.0 and ExionLC 2.0+ systems provide full integration, control and compatibility with SCIEX mass spectrometers bringing together the speed and precision you expect for a complete solution that meets every challenge your lab faces.

SCIEX innovation that delivers world leading precision

Built from the same legacy of innovation as all SCIEX products, these systems deliver precision and robustness with the assurance of quality and support you would expect from the leader in the quantification of molecules.

Features include:

Scalable autosampler

  • Excellent injection linearity and reproducibility

  • Multiple injection options

  • Scalable injection volumes from 0.5 to 1,000 μL

  • Precise temperature control

Optional wash system module

  • Enhanced carryover management

  • Ultimate flexibility for challenging applications

Environmentally friendly

  • Phenomenex SecurityCap system

  • Lab air quality/safety

  • No solvent vapors

UHPLC pumps

  • Automatic purging capability

  • Integrated 4-channel degasser as standard

  • Integrated solvent selection valve as standard

Integrated Software

  • Fully integrated with SCIEX OS software

  • Direct control and an enhanced layout

  • Compatible with Analyst software

Switching valves

  • Optional switching valves

  • Enables easy switching between multiple columns

Optical detector options

  • Fully integrated with the MS solution

  • Full range of optical detector options, from multi-wave to diode-array detection (DAD)

Column Oven

  • Column oven included as standard

  • Temperature control down to 5°C

  • Store up to 8 columns