Company Profile | November 20, 2000

Exploration Consultants Limited

Exploration Consultants Limited The Exploration Consultants Group of Companies (ECL) provides a complete geoscience consultancy for the resource industries. ECL was established in 1969, primarily as a geological and geophysical consultancy to the oil industry. In 1972 the company expanded into the quality control (QC) business, providing consultants to supervise the acquisition of seismic data on behalf of client oil companies. For the next decade the company continued to broaden its services into such fields as reservoir characterisation and modelling.

In the 1980.s the company entered into the software market and developed a range of industry standard products, which included the ECLIPSE Reservoir Simulation software. In 1985, the company was merged with Canadian company, Intera, and expanded into the North American market.

In 1995 the Eclipse Software and Reservoir Engineering Consulting Divisions of the company were sold to Geoquest. Intera subsequently disposed of the smaller remaining divisions of the company and at this point the remainder of the original ECL management and consultants conducted a management buyout of the Seismic Acquisition, Navigation & Processing QC Consultancy Services of Intera and resumed operations under the ECL name, as ECL Group Plc.

ECL's Management then resumed the process of diversification:

  • Soon after the Management buyout the company re-entered the software market in support of its QC consultancy business.
  • The company formed a joint-venture Health & Safety consultancy, trading as Geophysical Safety Resources (GSR)
  • In 1997 ECL reacquired their original Geological & Geophysical Consultancy Division, which was then trading under Quad Consulting Ltd. This included the Minerals consultancy, established in 1989.
  • In 1999 ECL further expanded into Environmental Consultancy Services, covering all environmental aspects of the resource industry.
  • Also in 1999, ECL successfully began rebuilding its Reservoir Engineering Division, which was further enhanced in the year 2000, when ECL's original Engineering Director rejoined ECL to lead the company during its next phase of growth and expansion.

    ECL has now been rejuvenated to cover the entire spectrum of exploration and production activities, from the planning of complex geophysical surveys, through to geological and geophysical interpretation and data integration, and reservoir engineering & simulation. ECL has over 180 highly experienced consultants delivering these services worldwide and are supported by the three main offices in Perth (Australia), Henley on Thames (UK) and Houston (USA), in addition to a global network of agents and representatives. ECL fosters a service culture aimed at delivering full satisfaction to our clients. We achieve our objectives in a co-operative environment and emphasise the value of shared responsibility and a team approach.