Filter Elements

Source: Kadar Filtration Service
The "KPP" Series are Nominal Micron rated filter elements, which utilize extended surface area for superior performance
"KPP" and "KAB" - Series Pleated Paper Filter Elements

The "KPP" Series are Nominal Micron rated filter elements, which utilize extended surface area for superior performance in the removal of particulate from liquids and gases. The micronic efficiency rating is from 1 to 100 microns, which is available from a selection of over 25 types of filter media. Standard elements use single layer, or multi-layer media's and are constructed to have a 75-PSI collapse rating, with plated metal components.

The "KAB" Series are High Efficiency filter elements which feature the use of BETA RATED Micro-Glass-Cellulose media. This media ensures high flow rates with low pressure drops, and efficient filtration in chemicals or petroleum based fluids. These filter elements are ideal for applications when, separation of large concentrations of very fine particulate is required. Beta Rated cartridges are available from 1/2 to 10.

"KPS"- Series Pleated Synthetic Filter Elements

The "KPS" Series filter element is designed for long term use, without softening or deterioration in chemicals and petroleum based fluids where there is a presence of water. These filter elements provide superior filtration utilizing the use of advanced synthetic pleated media, which allows for high flow rates with minimum pressure drops and precise filtration efficiency in many applications of high viscosity fluids. The filter elements are available from 1/2 to 150 microns at nominal efficiency of 98.7%. The "KPS" Series are recommended in applications for filtering Lube Oil, Seal Oil, Water Based Fluids, Fuels, and etc.

"MA" and "KWB" - Series Water Absorbent Filter Elements

The "KWA" Series are Water Absorbent filter elements which are designed to provide high efficiency removal of water and particulate filtration. The "KWB" Series filter elements feature positive flow shutoff when the media's water saturation point is reached. As the differential pressure increases, this indicates the presence of water, alerting the operator that the filter elements will require replacement. The "KWA" and "KWB" elements can be used in many applications: for protection against water contamination in equipment lubricating systems, to the distribution of finished products. The particulate micronic efficiency available is from 1/2 to 25 nominal microns.

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