News | February 17, 2010

First Regenerable H2S Removal System To Be Installed On A Floating Production Storage Offloading Vessel

Source: Merichem Company -- Merichem Gas Technologies

Expanded development for oil and gas production in the Mediterranean Sea has resulted in the license of the first LO-CAT® unit (and the first regenerable H2S removal technology) to be installed and operated on a Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) vessel.

COMART and Saipem are working together on the engineering, fabrication and construction of the H2S Removal Module to be installed on the Aquila FPSO.

Saipem will operate the FPSO on behalf of Eni. The FPSO will be positioned on the Aquila field off the Italian coast in the Adriatic Sea.

The LO-CAT system is designed to directly treat the produced/associated gas and provide a sweet gas stream with an H2S content of <100 ppm.="" up="" to="" 3,900="" scfm="" of="" gas="" can="" be="" treated,="" producing="" just="" over="" 2.3="" metric="" tons/day="" of="" sulfur="" with="" greater="" than="" 99+%="" removal="" of="" h2s.="">

Saipem is a leader in the provision of engineering, procurement, project management and construction services with distinctive capabilities in the design and the execution of large scale offshore and onshore projects, and technological competences such as gas monetisation and heavy oil exploitation.

COMART is an Italian company committed to the design and fabrication of packages and modules for the treatment of natural gas and oil. For more information visit

Merichem Chemicals & Refinery Services LLC's Gas Technology Products division has more than 30 years of H2S removal experience and offers a complete portfolio of H2S removal processes, systems and products to fit a wide range of applications. For more information visit

Merichem Company, through its subsidiary Merichem Chemicals & Refinery Services LLC (MCRS), provides a diversified portfolio of products and services to a wide range of operations, including the refining and petrochemicals industries. With more than 1,000 licensed process units worldwide, MCRS is the leader in licensing patented process technologies and supplying proprietary equipment to provide hydrocarbon treating solutions and by-product management services that remove sulfur and other impurities from hydrocarbon liquids and gases in the upstream and downstream energy sectors. While it began as a domestic operator in the United States, MCRS today offers products and services to customers globally.

SOURCE: Merichem Company -- Merichem Gas Technologies