24° Fixed Lens OGi Camera For Hazardous Locations: FLIR GFx320

Source: FLIR Systems, Inc – Oil and Gas Solutions

FLIR’s GFx320 OGI camera offers technology ideally designed to visualize fugitive hydrocarbon leaks at natural gas well sites, off-shore platforms, liquid natural gas terminals, and more. This camera allows for use in hazardous locations so that surveyors may work confidently while maintaining safety.

The GFx320 visualizes small hydrocarbon leaks with the sensitivity needed to meet the US EPA's OOOOa methane rule. FLIR’s unique High Sensitivity Mode (HSM) employs proprietary video processing techniques, for a 5x increase in leak detectability. The GFx320 is calibrated for temperature measurement, so users can ensure optimal ΔT between the gas compound and the background scene.

For additional information on the FLIR GFx320, download the available brochure.