Flare Monitoring System

The Flare Monitoring System (FMS) is an electronic data
CES-LANDTEConitoring System (FMS) is an electronic data collection system. The system collects data by polling a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) on a routine basis, extracting the digital data via serial communications. Data is then stored locally until a specific time interval passes or the specified storage limits are exceeded. When data falls out of the Operational Range (trigger settings), the FMS goes to "Real Time" mode for live viewing. The data is transmitted via the Internet to a specific location. Other benefits include:

•Internet device ready
•Industrial rated solid state field computer
•Proven operation systems
•Dials on demand and delivers data through the Internet
•Fast resolution
•Ability to collaborate with other professionals
•Ability to logon and view logged data from virtually any location

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