Case Study

FLIR Optical Gas Imaging Camera Helps Improve Environment And Safety At Borealis Stenungsund

Source: FLIR Systems, Inc - Optical Gas Imaging

Petrochemical plants usually handle invisible gaseous hydrocarbons that could pose safety issues. Leak detection is of vital importance, especially when these gases are toxic, highly flammable, or have a negative impact on the environment. One petrochemical plant, the Borealis high-pressure, low-density polyethylene (LDPE) plant in Stenungsund, Sweden, produces LDPE products for the cable and wire sector, and delivers ethylene, which is converted into polyethylene in a high-pressure polymerization process. This case study tells about how this company uses FLIR optical gas imaging cameras for gas leak detection at a distance and in hard-to-access locations.

FLIR Systems, Inc - Optical Gas Imaging