Fluke 65 Infrared Thermometer

Source: Fluke Corporation
The Fluke 65 is the first non-contact, laser sighted, stand-alone thermometer designed by Fluke to complement its existing temperature product offering

The Fluke 65 is the first non-contact, laser sighted, stand-alone thermometer designed by Fluke Corporation to complement its existing temperature product offering. Created to meet the needs of electrical, process, plant maintenance, facility maintenance, HVAC/R, and automotive professionals, the Fluke 65 cuts temperature measurement response time to less than one second, effectively decreasing the time to troubleshoot and fix problems.

This infrared instrument features a laser beam for easy aiming and is ideal for measuring rotating, electrically live, dangerously hot, or hard-to-reach objects. It is also a handy alternative to a contact thermometer. It provides an accurate response in 0.8 seconds with highly repeatable temperature readings from to 40°C to 500°C (-40°F to 932°F). Even in the dark, users will find its backlit display easy to read.

The Fluke 65 has a dual-display screen allowing for easy scrolling through the MIN/MAX variation measurements. Other features include temperature memory, any key wake-up, 0.1° resolution up to 200°, and 8:1 optical resolution. The bright laser target beam provides a
reference point for objects being measured. Measuring only 6.3 cm X 4.1 cm X 18.4 cm (2.5" X 1.6" X 7.2") the instrument is small, light, and ergonomically designed for easy storage.

Fluke Rugged
The Fluke 65 continues the Fluke tradition of providing rugged and reliable test tools. It is the first infrared thermometer tested to be "Fluke rugged" and able to withstand the harsh environments of a demanding workplace. The Fluke 65 compact case surrounded by a protective holster provides maximum durability in the most extreme conditions. With its shock-absorbing, protective holster, it easily withstands a one-meter test drop.

The Fluke 65 joins a wide range of other temperature products from Fluke, including the Fluke 51 and 52 Digital Thermometers, the Fluke 80T-IR and 80PK-IR Non-Contact Infrared Temperature Probes, the Fluke 80TK Thermocouple Module for DMMs, and a large selection of Fluke temperature probes.