News | September 22, 2008

Fugro-Jason Announces PowerLog 3.0 Petrophysics Software

DENVER--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Fugro-Jason ( today announced PowerLog® 3.0, a major new version of the well-known petrophysical interpretation software that is scheduled for release in mid-November. PowerLog is the industry standard for Microsoft Windows-based petrophysical analysis, dedicated to log data editing, conditioning, analysis and presentation. PowerLog 3.0 works the way petrophysicists do—making standard operations faster and more intuitive. Fugro-Jason is a leader in reservoir characterization technology for the oil and gas industry.

"PowerLog 3.0 represents a significant investment in understanding how petrophysicists work, where bottlenecks arise and what processes benefit most from streamlining," said Eric Adams, Managing Director of Fugro-Jason. "The result is a product that works the way petrophysicists do, making it easy to learn and apply, providing a quick return on investment."

Designed for use by anyone who needs to provide quality well log interpretation, PowerLog is used every day by petrophysicists, geologists, reservoir engineers and others involved in oil field appraisal and development. PowerLog works the way petrophysicists do—letting users drive the order of actions and the amount of guidance provided. Users can work on multiple wells, data physically located anywhere in the world, and as an individual or as part of a team.

PowerLog 3.0 features a new, robust data manager, enhanced interactivity between processes and new functionality while maintaining backward compatibility with both data and user interaction. Key new capabilities include:

  • Robust data management, enabling inspection of well data from tabular and graphic views, grouping, and auto-update between views.
  • Editing in place, allowing users to make changes in the tabular or graphic view of their choice. For example, a needed correction identified in the logplot can be made right there.
  • Basemap viewer, displaying wells relative to one another with user selectable overlays such as cartography, contours and attributes.
  • Multi-well, multi-user support.
  • Preserved units and measures, enabling fast data load and more accurate data analysis. PowerLog honors the original imported data, handling interpolation and extrapolation during processing and output.
  • Natural processing steps, allowing the user freedom to approach each project in the most effective manner. No structured workflow manager is required.
  • Detailed history tracking, ensuring that actions can be undone as needed and that months or years later the project methodology can still be understood.
  • User programming extensions, allowing users to create their own specialty functions using APIs available for C# and VB.Net.
  • Optional integrated products for statistical mineralogy (Statmin) and Rock Physics (RPM).
  • Support for long curve names.
  • Desktop saver, enabling PowerLog to open with the same layout and data displayed as when it was last closed.

"PowerLog 3.0 is built on a completely new software architecture while retaining all the ease-of-use and speed that current PowerLog customers expect," said Brad Woods, Application Engineering Manager for Fugro-Jason. "This new architecture will allow rapid introduction of new capabilities into PowerLog for many years to come."

PowerLog 3.0 will be available for general release in mid-November 2008. Contact Fugro-Jason for pricing and further details.

About Fugro-Jason
Fugro-Jason is dedicated to delivering innovative products and services to help our clients identify and produce hydrocarbon deposits by integrating information from the various geoscience disciplines. In 1993 Fugro-Jason introduced the Jason Geoscience Workbench, making it possible to integrate geological, geophysical, geostatistical, petrophysical and rock physics information into a single consistent model of the earth. PowerLog has been part of the Fugro-Jason technology suite since 2002. The application of Fugro-Jason's technology, either through use of the software or through our consultancy services, substantially improves returns on E&P investments by adding invaluable reservoir model information that reduces the risks, costs and cycle-times associated with field development.

Fugro-Jason is a unit of Fugro NV. Fugro was founded in 1962, and is listed on Euronext NV, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Fugro has more than 12,000 staff and a permanent presence in over 54 countries.

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