Gamma Scanning & Column Troubleshooting

Source: TowerScan
When a process column develops a problem, your engineering and operations personnel need to know what is happening with the tower
When a process column develops a problem, your engineering and operations personnel need to know what is happening with the tower. Any kind of difficulty within a distillation column is very expensive when it involves lower yields, off-spec product, or having to shut down. The more quickly the problem is corrected, the lower your blood pressure, and the higher your company's profits.

TowerScan's gamma scanning service, provides a fast, efficient means of finding out what is happening inside your column, while it is still operating.

Gamma scans are a very effective, well established, troubleshooting technique. As illustrated in the adjoining chart, the information from a scan, analyzed by our engineers, can help diagnose and solve approximately 70% of the column problems your staff will encounter. In the other 30% of the cases, a gamma scan often eliminates possible scenarios, allowing resources to be focused on finding the true source(s) of the problem.

Having worked in the gamma scanning industry since 1989, our engineers have the experience to help you quickly solve your problems and maximize your profitability. The staff at TowerScan have performed hundreds of scans on columns across the U.S., Canada, and around the world. We know that you have decisions to make sometimes impacting thousands or even millions of dollars worth of production, based partly on the results of a gamma scan. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality scanning data, analysis, and service.

A "TowerScan" quickly & safely determines:

  • the location of damaged or missing trays
  • the location, nature, and extent of flooding
  • the severity and extent of operating problems such as entrainment, foaming, and weeping
  • the aerated liquid froth level on the tray decks
  • a relative density profile of the aerated liquid on, and vapor above the trays
  • the base liquid level in the tower
  • the integrity of distributors and demister pads
  • the integrity of packing and catalyst beds
  • flooding and / or fouling within your packed beds
  • liquid flow maldistributions within packing.

And all that's required to get started is:

  • an understanding by us of your problem, and what you want to accomplish with the scan(s)
  • column drawings showing tower height, diameter, shell thickness, as well as tray elevations and downcomer orientations, or for packed towers – bed / distributor elevations and packing density
  • access to the top of your operating column
  • a safe work permit

For help with your gamma scanning requirements, please call and talk to our engineering staff.

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