News | December 14, 2011

Indonesian Gas Processor To Reduce Impurities With AmiPur™


Pickering, Ontario - Indonesian oil and gas company, PT Pertamina, has chosen to utilize Eco-Tec's amine-purification technology (AmiPur™) to reduce impurities at its gas-processing facility in Merbau, Indonesia. Through EPC company PT Tracon Industri, Pertamina is adding another amine train to increase capacity at its plant and plans to integrate the AmiPur system by fall 2012.

With Indoneisan crude and gas high in sulfur, companies such as Pertamina are increasingly realizing the cost-cutting benefits involved with continuous purification of amine circuites through AmiPur. The proven track record of AmiPur, particularly for nearby Indonesian company Krakatau Steel, was also a driving factor behind the new deal, says Sunil Dandekar, Eco-Tec Regional Sales Manager.

After a careful evaluation of solutions available in the marketplace, "The EPC became convinced of the long-term economic benefits of integrating a permanent, continuously performing amine purification system versus what the competition was offering, which is a temporary system and periodic service," Dandekar says.

For the oil refining and gas processing industry, amine chemistry is widely used to remove carbon dioxide (CO2) and hydrogen sulfide (H2S) from natural gas and refinery process streams, in order to meet emission standards or other product specifications. During operation various contaminants enter, or are produced, within the amine circuit. Contaminants include heat stable salts (HSS), solid particulates, and hydrocarbons - resulting in various operational problems.

By incorporating AmiPur into its process, Pertamina will maintain low, stable HSS concentration with predictable amine characteristics; reduce corrosion by-products; minimize fouling of the heat exchanger and contactor surfaces; improve heat transfer; and curb costs associated with cleaning of fouled equipment.

The new system for Pertamina marks another AmiPur project in Indonesia, and is now among nearly 60 AmiPur integrations in 18 countries. Since 2000, Eco-Tec has become a global leader in amine purification technology and continues to educate the industry on the harmful effects of contamination and the benefits of continuous removal.

About Eco-Tec Inc
Eco-Tec is a globally recognized manufacturer of water purification, gas processing, and chemical recovery systems for industrial operations. Eco-Tec provides proven integrated technologies based on proprietary technologies that offer significant cost reduction, superior process efficiency, and facilitates an environmentally responsible approach to using natural resources. Eco-Tec has provided more than 2,000 systems in 58 countries, and is represented in all major markets.

About PT Pertamina
PT Pertamina is an Indonesian state-owned oil and gas company, incorporating upstream projects covering oil, gas, and geothermal energy production both domestically and overseas. The downstream parts of business include processing, marketing, trading, and shipping commodities such as fuel, non fuel, LPG, LNG, and petrochemicals. PT Tracon Industri is a division of PT Pertamina and handles EPC activities for the company.