Ground Water Remediation Pumps

Source: PumpWorks, Inc.
Low Cost, Low Flow DNAPL & LNAPL Recovery
Low Cost, Low Flow DNAPL & LNAPL Recovery

Choose the PW2002 for free product contaminant recovery

  • Controllable for low flows and turbidity
  • Fits in wells 4" and larger
  • Self-priming with 30' suction lift
  • vacuum to 25" Hg and pressures to 40 PSI
  • Simple design and compact size

New Linear Dual Solenoid Reciprocating Piston Pumps are an efficient and versatile new option for free product recovery of both denser than water and lighter than water contaminants. The Model PW2002 pump, one of the durable PW2000 series of pumps, has a number of features that make it an ideal choice.

The pump has only one moving part and two check valves, enhancing both its durability and longevity. The pumps are guaranteed leak-proof, so contaminants only go where you want. The patented compact design, measuring only 3.5" in both length and diameter, fits easily into a 4" pipe and weighs less than 5 pounds.

Power requirements are 115VAC for both pump and controller. The accompanying rate controller allows complete controllability for low recovery rates of less than 1 gal/day up to 5 gph depending on well depth, material viscosity and desired flow rate. Low flow rates yield low turbidity, preventing contaminants from reentering the groundwater. Cables come with connectors to the pump that are rated NEMA 6P for prolonged submersible applications and cable lengths up to 25 meters are available. Inlet and outlet are both 3/8" female NPT fittings. If desired, add a NEMA box and run 115VAC/GFI to the box to power both pump and controller.

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