High-Precision Double-Sided Fiber Alignment System: F-712.HA2


The F-712.HA2 from PI is a high-precision double-sided fiber alignment system ideally designed for applications in silicon photonics applications. These fiber alignment systems feature integrated scan routines for fiber optic alignments, automatic alignment of several fibers in <0.5s, and excellent position sensors for high accuracy and operational reliability.

The double-sided fiber alignment system is based on a stiff setup with an H-811 hexapod and an P-616 NanoCube® nanopositioner. The parallel-kinematic design for motion in degrees of freedom ensures high system stiffness. The motorized drives make longer travel ranges possible and at the same time, the NanoCube® nanopositioner ensures fast scanning motion and dynamic compensation of drift effects. An included extensive software package allows integration of the system into virtually any environment. 

For more in-depth information on the F-712.HA2, download the available datasheet.