High Pressure Particulates Monitor

Source: Norris & Company
High Pressure Particulates Monitor
The HPM-100 is designed for continuous monitoring of pressurized gas streams.
The HPM-100 is designed for continuous monitoring of pressurized gas streams. It is installed directly in-line compressed air/gas systems and provides real-time and time averaged measurements of oil mist carryover, entrained water mist, and particulate contamination. Sensitive to 0.001 mg/m3 (equivalent to 0.0001 ppm in air at 120 psig), it provides reliable, repeatable detection of impurities regardless of flow rate. With no moving parts, it is virtually maintenance-free.

Highly sensitive yet rugged, it is suitable for continuous monitoring of compressed air quality at pressures to 250 psig (17 bar) in applications such as powder coating deposition, critical parts cleaning, and protection of high-precision flow control components. Although designed to operate at elevated pressures, it can be used as an in-line particulates monitor at ambient or under vacuum conditions. In addition to real-time readout of particulate concentrations, it provides 3 signal outputs which are available concurrently and updated every second: digital (RS 232), 0-5 VDC analog, and 4-20 mA analog. There is also a switched alarm output.

A two-line LCD readout provides continuous information on real-time, time-averaged, and maximum concentrations, as well as diagnostic indication. A separate LED readout unit is available as an option for remote installation. Included software allows programming of alarm level and mode, internal data logging, customized calibration constant, and analog output range as well as stored data retrieval using a PC. Zeroing/calibration check is performed on command using a particle-free air/gas supply or optional zeroing by-pass accesory.

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