High Resolution, Ultra Sensitive Digital EMCCD Camera Optimised For UV imaging: Hawk Blue

Raptor - HAWK252-B

The Hawk Blue is a cooled HD Camera offering back-illuminated EMCCD technology, enabling ultimate sensitivity imaging (<50μlux) and  high QE of 65% at 254nm.

It offers GEN III image intensifier performance and enhanced blue response for low light UV with visible detection.

Key Features

  • 1280 x 1024, 8μm pitch EMCCD technology – Enables highest resolution imaging from 0.3μm to 1.1μm
  • 65% QE at 254nm – Using a UV optimized window
  • Back Illuminated UV EMCCD technology – Offers a broadband response from the UV to the NIR


• Ground Based Surveillance
• Airborne Surveillance
• Scientific Imaging
• Situational Awareness

• Astronomy
• Forensic Imaging
• Microscopy
• Fluorescence Imaging