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Air-Cooled Heat Exchanger Performance Enhancement Service
Air-Cooled Heat Exchanger Performance Enhancement Service

HUDSON PRODUCTS CORPORATION offers users and operators of Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers an invaluable source of expert knowledge and advice for performance enhancement of existing equipment through Hudson Cooling Solutions services.

Hudson Cooling Solutions Services

Determine Current Performance

Site condition assessment:

  • Detailed mechanical inspection including plenums, fins, headers, fans, drivers and mechanicals
  • Air and thermal performance measurements employing state-of- the-art instrumentation
  • Thorough technical evaluation of data

Maximizing Potential Heat Duty

Field assessment data is analyzed and simulated utilizing:

  • Thermal modeling of tested heat exchanger utilizing Heat Transfer Research Institute's (HTRI) program
  • Evaluation of hot air recirculation as necessary utilizing proprietary CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) tools

In addition to providing the highest quality Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers throughout the world, HUDSON PRODUCTS CORPORATION also provides expert after sales service . Hudson Cooling Solutions offers the expertise gained over 60+ years to assist the Air-Cooled Heat Exchanger user with a single source solution for determining current and maximizing potential performance from existing equipment of any manufacture.

Report and Recommendations

  • Detailed written report of current conditions
  • Specific recommendations for performance enhancement

Implementation of Recommendations
  • Field supervisory or implementation services
  • Mechanical component maintenance or replacement
  • Bundle retube or replacement

Air-Cooled Heat Exchanger Performance

Hudson Products Corporation is alone as the world's only Air-Cooled Heat Exchanger manufacturer also fabricating axial flow fans. For many years Hudson's Tuf-Lite fans have set a standard for performance and efficiency in air-cooled heat exchangers and cooling tower applications throughout the world. The combined knowledge of fans and air-cooled heat exchangers gives Hudson knowledge and experience that is second to none. This expertise is available to the air-cooled heat exchanger user through the services of Hudson Cooling Solutions.

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