Hydraulic Metering Pumps

Source: ProMinent Fluid Controls, Inc.
The company offershydraulic metering pumps for the pressure range up to 64 bar.
The company offershydraulic metering pumps for the pressure range up to 64 bar. The liquid ends are equipped with a multi-layer metering diaphragm capable of signaling diaphragm failure. As a particular safety feature, this pump series is equipped as standard with a finely adjusted pressure relief valve integrated in the hydraulic system. Both technical and economical advantages have been gained by combining the hydraulic unit and gear unit in one housing. The stroke volume can be varied hydraulically by means of a tubular piston, resulting in a very good price/performance ratio.

The standard delivery capacity ratings are covered by two model series, Hydro/2 in the capacity range from 60 l/h at 25 bar back pressure up to 22 l/h at 64 bar back pressure and Hydro/3 with a delivery rate of 150 l/h at 25 bar back pressure up to 60 l/h at 64 back pressure with application-oriented performance graduation in eight stages.

The main hydraulic pump is driven as standard with a 0.37/0.75 kW; 230/400 V, 50/60 Hz three-phase AC motor suitable for worldwide applications. The stroke length is 15 mm and can be adjusted to an accuracy of 1%. Under defined conditions, the metering reproducibility is better than ± 1% in the stroke length range from 20-100%.

The pumps can be equipped with a second liquid end to increase the pump capacity. The metering rate can be further increased with hydraulic add-on pumps.

The metering capacity can be controlled by means of a stroke length actuator or a stroke length variable-speed drive. The actuator with servo motor is used for automatic stroke length adjustment with an actuating time of 1 second for 1% stroke length. The variable-speed drive consists of an actuator with servo motor and built-in follow-up control for stroke length adjustment via a standard signal.

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