Hydrocarbon Gas Separation

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Hydrocarbon Gas Separation
Providing solutions to separation challenges involving
Providing solutions to separation challenges involving:
  • Hydrogen
  • Paraffins: C1 through C5+
  • Olefins: C2 through C4
  • CO2, H2S, COS
    Air Products offers the most advanced gas separation, purification and recovery systems available. In our quest to provide customers with value, reliability and cost savings, our research and development team is continually improving existing technologies and equipment, while developing new solutions to help you face tomorrow's challenges with confidence.

    Cryogenic Systems
    Separate gas by dephlegmation, partial condensation or cryogenic distillation, depending on feed conditions and product requirements. Used in olefin production, natural gas processing, LNG peak shaving and more. Our cryogenic systems offer both high efficiency and recovery.

    Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA)
    Produce ultra high purity hydrogen (99.9999%) at or near feed gas pressure with recoveries as high as 92%.

    PRISM® Membranes
    Polymeric hollow fiber membranes that use relative permeation rates to separate gases with a high degree of reliability; are simple to operate; and require minimal maintenance.

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