Hydrocarbon Refining

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Hydrocarbon Refining
Catalytic Reforming refers to the octane improvement of straight run gasoline and cracked refinery naphthas...
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Catalytic Reforming refers to the octane improvement of straight run gasoline and cracked refinery naphthas.


  • dry and purify recycled hydrogen
  • dry and desulfurize naphtha feed stock
  • dry regeneration gas from inert gas generation
  • dry recycled regeneration gas
  • purify the hydrogen produced during reforming

Alkylation is the union of an olefinic with a paraffinic hydrocarbon to obtain high octane gasoline. In most applications, the reactive olefin is injected into the stable paraffinic feed stock and the combined streams contacted with the acid. An application for an adsorption system would be to dry and purify these streams to rid them of water, mercaptans, and other impurities in the olefin and paraffin feeds.

Isomerization is the conversion of normal butane, pentane, and hexane into their respective iso-isomers. It is a fixed bed, vapor phase process which is carried out under a dry hydrogen atmosphere. The catalyst is usually AlCl3 or HCl loaded on silica-alumina.


  • dry and purify the paraffin feed
  • dry and purify the hydrogen feed

Catalytic Cracking consists of breaking saturated C12+ molecules into C1-C4 olefins and paraffins, gasoline, light oil, and coke. There are two types of catalytic cracking systems, the moving bed system and the fluidized system. An application for an adsorption system would be purification of the light ends.

Hydrocracking can supply the refinery with the entire range of petroleum fuels from propane to desulfurized residual oil with feed stocks ranging from very heavy sulfur laden distillate to light gas oils.


  • dry the makeup hydrogen
  • dry and purify the recycle hydrogen
  • dry and purify the regeneration gas
  • purify the hydrocracking products

Gas Plant -The C4 and lighter gases from various refinery operations are sent to this section of the refinery. All of these gases require dehydration.

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