Hydrocell® Hydraulic Induced Air Flotation Separator

Source: Siemens Energy, Inc. - Water Solutions

Hydrocell™ hydraulic induced air flotation separators remove oil and suspended solids from water in large volumes, and can process solids and oils from 50 ppm to several hundred ppm with product effluents containing less than 5 ppm.

Hydrocell separators use a single pump to drive four proprietary air (gas) eductors, instead of separate motor-driven impellers for each cell. This allows each eductor to saturate the entire volume of each separation cell with fine bubbles, ensuring efficient oil/water separation.

The Hydrocell separator is used to process oil field-produced water, both onshore and offshore, or to process plant wastewater effluents prior to biological treatment or discharge into public waterways.

Features and Benefits 

  • Uses less power, is substantially lighter and has fewer moving parts than standard impeller-driven systems 
  • Four cells in series allow maximum liquid/air contact 
  • Cells are individually adjustable for maximum skimming efficiency and optimum air introduction 
  • Optional gas-tight and pressurized designs ensure containment of volatile organic compounds