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Ultimate removal of Oil Contaminates and Suspended Solids
Depth-Bed Filtration

Ultimate removal of Oil Contaminates and Suspended Solids

The Hydroflow depth bed filtration system has significant improvements over currently available technology for the removal of hydrocarbons and suspended solids from liquid streams. The Hydroflow system offers 99+% throughput of clean water for end use. This is the highest efficiency rate in the industry. The Hydroflow system is ideally suited for filtering water sources (for/from) water flooding. Hydroflow can also prove valuable in other industries such as chemical, petrochemical, power generation, municipalities and paper pulp industries.

Current Filtration Technology

At the heart of the Hydroflow design is the correlation of backwash screen surface to flow rate. Hydroflow's increased screen area enables a lower flow rate per unit area. As a result flow velocity and pressure drop are less, preventing screen plugging, damage or collapse in the field. This filter also provides uninterrupted upstream flow. Smaller feed tanks can be used and the potential for "deadheading" the feed pump is eliminated.

Problem Solving Features

  • Hard black walnut shell media provides a uniform bed and there is no stratification into pulps and fines. Media attrition is about 5% per year for reduced maintenance costs.

  • Media is significantly deeper, it operates well above minimum design depth, improving water quality and reducing backwash requirements by at least 20%.

  • Greater bed depth means longer on-line time before oil breakthrough - approximately up to 24 hours or more before backwash is needed.

  • Has no upstream flow interruption which prevents the feed pump from "deadheading".

  • 99+% efficiency for maximum throughput which causes higher clean water return.

  • 20% less backwash which means more online time.

  • Raw inlet water can be used.

    Hydroflow's positive media retention in the vessel allows for very little media loss, virtually eliminating media disposal problems which may occur in other filtration systems. Hydroflow's positive media cleanup eliminates bed channeling and mud balling, thus giving a longer life and eliminating bed replacement.

    Hydroflow's feature of a low scrubbing or backwash fluid volume results in a substantial reduction in tank size and operating maintenance to the customer. Raw water can be used for filter cleanup allowing all of the filtered water to be used, thus eliminating any need for clean water backwash storage tanks. Hydroflow's media is "force set" after cleanup preventing the media from stratifying and providing a homogeneous media bed, therefore the full media bed volume can be used for dirt holding. End result: longer run times, less scrubbing or backwash fluid, and reduction of disposal cost to the customer.

    There are no gas or air scours needed, thus reducing corrosion problems and making a safer and cleaner operating environment. Also, the feed pump is never "deadheaded", which eliminates pump damage, pump wear and high maintenance cost. No need for continuous venting, thus allowing more fluid for end use and reduces disposal and tank volume.

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