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Outsourcing can lower a refiner's and chemical processor's hydrogen cost
Outsourcing can lower a refiner's and chemical processor's hydrogen cost. Air Products' engineering expertise is geared towards producing hydrogen in the most cost effective and reliable manner, as a result of owning and operating a combined 50 steam methane reformers and hydrogen off-gas recovery facilities around the world. A significant number of these plants are located in areas of high refining and petrochemical activity such as: Rotterdam, the Netherlands; Texas and Louisiana,
Gulf Coast; Los Angeles Basin, California; Camacari, Brazil; Jurong Island, Singapore; Teeside, United Kingdom and Mab Tha Phut, Thailand.

Air Products initially supplied refiners and chemical customers with hydrogen in the 1970's and 1980's through pipeline networks in the U.S. Gulf Coast and Rotterdam. In the 1990's, with the drive to outsourcing, clean fuels legislation and heavier crudes, Air Products hydrogen capacity grew tenfold to 1300 million SCFD, making the company the global industry leader in third party supplied hydrogen.

Air Products pipeline systems serve multiple customers and provide multiple source reliability and flexibility in meeting refiners and chemicals requirements for baseload, incremental demands and/or backup supply of hydrogen. One of Air Products recent hydrogen plants brought onstream in November 1999, with 100 million SCFD capacity, is the Carson hydrogen plant located in the Los Angeles Basin, California Refining Center.

Air Products hydrogen plant in Carson, California

In addition to pipeline and onsite supplies, Air Products' PRISM® Separators are ideally suited for hydrogen recovery from petroleum refinery hydroprocessing streams and from ammonia and methanol purges.

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