HydroSense Oil-in-Water Monitor

Source: ARJAY Engineering Ltd.
The HydroSense oil-in-water monitor uses a fluorescence technique to detect and monitor ppm levels of hydrocarbons in water

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The HydroSense oil-in-water monitor uses a fluorescence technique to detect and monitor ppm levels of hydrocarbons in water. Designed for industrial and municipal applications, the sensing chamber focuses a non-contacting ultraviolet source over the continuous flow sample to excite the hydrocarbon molecules and fluoresce to the adjoining sensing module. The non-contact design provides a maintenance-free, continuous monitor with limited calibration requirements.

The sample chamber, employing multiple filters for maximum accuracy and minimal stray interference, translates the fluorescence levels into a signal that is sent to the micro-controller for processing. The specially designed software provides a display in ppm levels of hydrocarbons in water as well as alarm contacts and a 4-20 mA output for remote monitoring, control, and recording.

Calibration is offered by using a simple two-step keypad entry procedure. Calibration samples may be manually inserted into the sample chamber or the calibration may be accomplished using the actual flow through sample from the process. With the two entries keyed in, the processor automatically calculates the operating parameters. The output and display range may be selected by the user to be specific to the application. Self diagnostics within the unit compensates for fluctuations in light intensity and deterioration. In addition, interference from suspended solids is minimized and negligible up to 400 ppm due to the sampling technique and sensor.


  • Effluent monitoring from industrial plants
  • Storm water run-off from maintenance yards, airports, and vehicle wash depots
  • Cooling water systems
  • Oil/water separators
  • Product contamination
  • Hydroelectric stations
  • Quality control

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