Industrial Gas Analyzer

Source: Servomex Company Incorporated
Industrial Gas Analyzer
The Xentra 4000C is the latest version of the company's Industrial Gas Analyzer.
The Xentra 4000C is the latest version of the company's Industrial Gas Analyzer. It has targeted applications in cryogenic industrial gas production control rooms; analysis in tanker load/transfilling; gas blending and bottling operations; hydrogen generation plants; medical gas validation and emissions monitoring.

The analyzer brings additional gas measurements to the 4100 Gas Purity Analyzer and the 4900 Continuous Emissions Analyzer as well as adding two new models, the 4200 and 4210 Industrial Gas Analyzer to this series. The 4200 and 4210 are designed for the measurement of flammable gas samples and gas samples containing hydrogen, receptively, in non-hazardous environments.

Th e4000C Series offers three types of Paramagnetic Oxygen sensors covering basic, control and purity measurements; addition of the compact 1500 Ir transducer for expanded range measurements of CO2, CO and CH4; and new trace level measurements of CH4 and N2O with the 1200 series Gfx Ir bench.

In addition to the new measurements and two new models, the 4000C features external autocalibration and independent autocalibration of each gas sensor. Status and diagnostic logs are kept in memory for viewing by the operator or remotely. Outputs meet German NAMUR user group standards.

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