Industrial Gas Optimization

Source: Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.
Air Products has developed a program to provide optimization services for industrial gas users
Air Products has developed a program to provide optimization services for industrial gas users. Industrial gases such as nitrogen, hydrogen, or oxygen, are an important component in running a plant or laboratory. Like many raw materials, they are often used in excess of the actual process requirements. This can result in waste, excessive nitrogen costs, and, in the case of improper use, a potential safety risk. To help make nitrogen use more efficient and effective at a plant site, Air Products offers an industrial gas audit service.

Trained Air Products engineering personnel will visit the plant site to conduct the audit. During this time they will evaluate and document all industrial gas use points and identify any potential trouble spots. Common problems identified at customer sites would include leaks, inoperable equipment and instrumentation, wasteful standard operating procedures (SOPs), inappropriate use of industrial gases, supply system issues, piping errors, poorly calibrated flow systems and unsafe operating conditions. A production or process engineer from the plant site who is familiar with the industrial gas use will accompany the audit team.

A final report is provided which documents the observations and recommendations of the audit team. Implementation of these recommendations is, of course, at the discretion of the plant management.

Two distinct services are offered in this program: (1) Industrial gas distribution system audit and (2) Analysis of industrial gas usage patterns.

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