Inferential Sensor Modeling and Implementation Package

Source: Aspen Technology, Inc.
Aspen IQ is for modeling and implementation of inferred product qualities
Aspen IQ is for modeling and implementation of inferred product qualities. The tool makes it possible to implement linear or non-linear inferential sensors on-line. Flexible analyzer and laboratory modules automatically adjust the inferred qualities to ensure their accuracy.

The tool comes with the Plantelligence inferential technology package and has powerful off-line and on-line components. Its modular architecture gives the user a variety of means for developing and efficiently deploying inferential sensors on a wide variety of distributed control systems and computing platforms.

Key features

  • Built-in steady-state detector
  • Can be stand-alone or integrated with DMCplus and InfoPlus.21TM
  • Provides both analyzer and lab model updating
  • Wide range of DCS and information system interfaces available
  • Enabled for remote monitoring
  • No code generation or programming required


  • A broad suite of tools for developing inferential sensors: PLS, fuzzy PLS, neural-network and linearized rigorous-model based approaches
  • Graphical Analysis Tools for Model Evaluation
  • Model building tools such as variable selection, dead-time detection and dynamics analysis
  • Prediction libraries allow for future expansion, for example with process specific models.

Three on-line packages allow the user the flexibility to license only the technology needed for a given application.

Off-line Tools
IQmodel contains proprietary technology never before available in a commercial package. Techniques for data pre-processing, variable selection and dead-time determination have all been refined using the company's patent-pending technology. Non-linear inferentials can be generated using our proprietary Hybrid Neural Net and Fuzzy PLS technology.

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