Infrared Camera For CO2 Leak Detection: FLIR GF343

Source: FLIR Systems, Inc – Oil and Gas Solutions

The GF343 is an infrared optical gas imaging camera designed to quickly and easily detect CO2 leaks from a safe distance. This non-contact CO2 detection technology helps prevent unplanned outages by permitting the inspection of equipment while it is still online in the course of normal operations.

The FLIR GF343 also visualizes hydrogen gas leaks in real-time through the use of a safe CO2 tracer gas to localize leaks and verify reliable repairs. By quickly discovering CO2 losses in a variety of industrial manufacturing, transportation, and storage uses, this camera can simultaneously decrease production downtime, save money and improve operations safety and environment protection.

For more information on the FLIR GF343 infrared camera, download the available datasheet.