Infrared Cameras For Gas Leak Detection And Electrical Inspections: FLIR GF300/GF320

Source: FLIR Systems, Inc – Oil and Gas Solutions

The FLIR GF300/GF320 cameras are designed for the detection of methane and Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) fugitive emissions that come from the production, transportation, and use of oil and natural gas. These cameras operate by scanning large-scale areas and visualize potential gas leaks in real-time. They are ideal for monitoring plants that are difficult to reach with contact measurement tools.

By enabling dangerous leaks to be monitored from several meters away, the GF300/320 cameras can significantly improve work safety, environmental and regulatory compliance, and help to decrease costs.  The included High Sensitivity Mode pinpoints the exact source of the emissions and begins repairs immediately. The GF320 is also capable of measuring temperatures up to 350°C with ± 1°C. These cameras comply with all current regulations for Optical Gas Imaging (OGI).

For more information on the FLIR GF300/GF320 infrared cameras, download the available datasheet.