Intelligent NIR Gauges

Intelligent NIR Gauges
MM710 intelligent near infrared (NIR) gauges deliver "fit-and-forget" high performance measurement.
MM710 intelligent near infrared (NIR) gauges deliver "fit-and-forget" high performance measurement. They are supplied pre-calibrated and requires no routine maintenance, making cost-of-ownership significantly lower than competitive measurement systems.

The gauges are for measurement and control of critical parameters such as moisture, fat, protein and sugars in food, chemical , pharmaceutical and other bulk materials. In development of the new range, the company has enhanced its proven measurement technology with additional features to guarantee reliability and stability. The benefits of on-line measurement and control are available without the need for time- and resource-intensive re-calibration and maintenance procedures.

The gauge can be installed almost anywhere in the process line regardless of ambient temperature conditions, factory lighting levels or variations in ambient relative humidity. No physical shielding is required, minimizing the cost of the installation.

The device can be used to measure up to four different components at a time, for highly cost-effective process monitoring and control. For example, while moisture content may be the parameter of prime interest. Other such as fat, protein and sugars could also be monitored and/or controlled, to meet legislative requirements, or for traceability.

Each complete measurement is made in just 0.0075s (7.5ms). The virtually simultaneous measurement reduces instrument noise and improves measurement accuracy. As a result, users can develop a better knowledge of short and long-term variability of their processes, and can operate closer to target than ever before, for an even more rapid return on investment.

The unit can provide reliable, consistent measurements even on products which may vary in color, composition or particle size. The company's Virtual Full Spectrum (VFS) measurement concept makes better use of the near infrared spectrum information than conventional systems, allowing much more robust calibration models to be derived.

Like previous company gauges, the new generation uses dual detectors to eliminate the effects of changes in the source lamp or other system components. The technique has been further refined for MM710 with a new Lapdog feature which uses beam splitting technology to ensure its two detectors track each other faithfully.

Routine maintenance is not required. Active diagnostic features are built into the gauge, to automatically warn of any fault, and advise appropriate action. The Window Contamination Monitor continuously checks for build-up of dust or dirt so there is no longer the need to routinely check its condition. The gauge monitors its own internal temperatures and will auto-shutdown if excessive temperatures are detected as a result of a process problem. The unit accepts universal power input from 80-264 Volts and incorporates auto-reset fuses to prevent accidental damage.

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