IoT And Lifecycle Analytics Software For Food Manufacturing

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Advanced analyses that cover the entire product lifecycle are essential to giving brand manufacturers visibility and real-time visibility and control of their production processes.

Our solutions combine data available from the Internet of Things (IoT) with analyses performed during the product life cycle, give consumer products companies the necessary agility in their production processes to meet demands for customized products, energy management, sustainability, and traceability.

To achieve competitive advantage through improved product availability and performance, brand manufacturers must understand the true drivers of product availability and productivity. As they rely on longer supply chains, supplier visibility decreases, increasing the risk of defective products reaching customers, and in turn increasing warranty, repair, and recall costs.

The solution is the use of advanced analytics during every phase of a product’s lifecycle. Capturing and integrating data from different sources – from assets in the field to engineering insights contained in the PLM system –provides easily accessible insights that can help brand owners and manufacturers solve real problems and make critical decisions with speed and confidence.

Information now available through the Internet of Things (IoT) and product lifecycle analytics has become critical to a closed-loop manufacturing strategy that connects products, plants, facilities, systems, and machines. Early applications of IoT give consumer products companies the agility needed in their manufacturing processes while helping them address the demand for personalized products, energy management, sustainability, and traceability.