LP Alarms

Source: CCI Controls
LP alarms operate on a wider voltage range (9.5-27V AC/DC) and are very user friendly
LP alarms operate on a wider voltage range (9.5-27V AC/DC) and are very user friendly because they use visual Operating/Alarm/Low Voltage indicators. The current drain of these new detectors has been reduced by 30% from the Pre-Tell 1 & 2 Family which set the industry standards. Because of the decrease in power consumption, these alarms add a total of eight additional service days on a typical 50Amp hour deep cycle battery. This new generation of gas alarms stops detecting at a voltage low of 9.5 volts. The 7770/7773/7239 component parts are specialized. They analyze ambient weather and seasonal temperature conditions, which allow the detector's electronics to automatically compensate to the sensor threshold point. This process causes tighter operating tolerances, which deminishes the possibility of nuisance alarms from atmosphere changes, thus reducing detector warranty claims. These units will detect a gas leak from the front & backside of the detector. This feature allows for the installation of the unit to be located in exterior cabinet locations that conceal gas lines and house gas appliances where errant propane gas may first be detected. CCI has taken the basic proven designs of our previous LP detectors to create these custom modules. This refinement has become the new industry standard Residential systems.

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