News | December 15, 2010

Merichem Breakthrough Sweetens Mercaptans In Jet Fuel, Kerosene Without Fixed Bed: MERICAT™ J Minimizes Product Downgrade/Recycle, Lowers Capital/Operating Costs

Source: Merichem Company -- Merichem Gas Technologies

No carbon bed needed with small-footprint, highly reliable FIBER FILM® technology; Another in Merichem's next generation of hydrocarbon-treatment innovations

Merichem Company, a global leader in hydrocarbon-treating technology, chemical and byproduct-management solutions, launches MERICAT™ J, the next-generation technology to remove heavy mercaptans in jet fuel, kerosene and other middle distillate streams.

Simple and modular, MERICAT J is based on the popular, cost-effective MERICAT™ platform and employs Merichem's highly reliable and efficient FIBER FILM® technology with a proprietary solution to sweeten mercaptans without the need for a fixed carbon bed.

The unit's smaller footprint reduces capital costs. And because there is no downtime for carbon change-out, costly shutdowns are avoided and unit run lengths are greatly increased. MERICAT J is designed to work in conjunction with Merichem's NAPFINING™ or NAPFINING™ HiTAN processes for removing naphthenic acid compounds and with AQUAFINING™ process for removing soluble organic and inorganic impurities.

"Merichem has transformed into an innovation and solutions company while maintaining our reputation for cost effectiveness and reliability," said Kenneth F. Currie, Merichem chairman and CEO. "MERICAT J is another breakthrough product from Merichem's research and development team that gives our refining customers practical and efficient solutions for increasingly complex challenges. Merichem is introducing a suite of new and advanced technologies, products and services aimed at making hydrocarbon processing more effective at lower cost."

MERICAT J employs the JeSOL™-9 proprietary solution as the treating reagent along with air to oxidize heavy mercaptans. Merichem exclusively produces and supplies JeSOL™-9 for ease of handling, and provides full life-cycle service with delivery of fresh JeSOL™-9 and return of spent solution.

"MERICAT J and FIBER FILM are non-dispersive and extremely reliable compared with available treating alternatives. The smaller footprint and smaller capital expenditure are attractive as well," said Tom Varadi, Vice President and General Manager of Merichem Process Technologies.

In addition to sulfur and acid removal technologies, Merichem is the industry leader in managing the beneficial reuse of refining caustic streams and naphthenic acid. Merichem chemical offerings include oxidation catalysts and soda chemicals.

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SOURCE: Merichem Company -- Merichem Gas Technologies