News | December 1, 2009

Merichem Expands With Shanghai Office To Provide Closer Ties With China Refining, Gasification Communities

Source: Merichem Company

Merichem Company, a worldwide leader in hydrocarbon-cleaning technology and byproduct management services, opened a Shanghai office Nov. 26 to provide China's refining and gasification communities with improved access to Merichem's proprietary and proven technologies.

The office will be staffed with local technical support and office personnel to provide enhanced customer relationships, and will be managed by Robert Hennekes (He, Le Bo). Mr. Hennekes brings over 28 years experience in the refining, engineering and gasification industries to Merichem. Merichem began offering its services to Chinese companies in 1994.

In addition to service and support, Merichem plans to offer local manufacturing and other possible ventures in the future, according to Patrick J. Hickey, Merichem Executive Vice President.

"We believe we can further assist China's hydrocarbon industries with the close, local support they need and desire," Hickey said. "Our Shanghai office is the latest effort to serve customers, wherever they might be, with Merichem's tested and unique technologies and proprietary equipment." Merichem currently has offices and facilities in the United States and Japan.

Merichem is represented in China by Kate International for refining ventures and by Tigreen Technologies for gasification ventures.

Merichem Company, through its subsidiary Merichem Chemicals & Refinery Services LLC, provides a diversified portfolio of products and services to a wide range of operations, including the refining and petrochemicals industry. With more than 1,000 licensed process units worldwide, MCRS is the leader in licensing patented process technologies and proprietary equipment to provide hydrocarbon treating solutions and by-product management services that remove sulfur and other impurities from hydrocarbon liquids and gases in the upstream and downstream energy sectors. While it began as a domestic operator in the United States, MCRS today offers products and services to customers globally.

SOURCE: Merichem Company