News | February 9, 2011

Merichem Innovation Minimizes Disulfide Oil In Liquified Petroleum Gas: REGEN® ULS Produces Ultra-Low Sulfur, Higher-Value LPG Products

Source: Merichem Company -- Merichem Gas Technologies

Next-generation technology regenerates high-mercaptide caustic, returns lean caustic containing minimal DSO — another Merichem hydrocarbon-treatment breakthrough

Merichem Company, a global leader in hydrocarbon-treating technology, chemical and byproduct-management solutions, introduces REGEN® ULS, a next-generation innovation created to significantly reduce disulfide oil (DSO) in liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

The simple REGEN ULS platform employing the cost-effective FIBER FILM® contactor regenerates caustic high in mercaptides and returns a lean caustic with low DSO content, resulting in minimal DSO back-extraction into the LPG. Treated product contains ultra low sulfur levels, producing higher value LPG. Ideal applications include high-sulfur coker LPG streams and LPG products such alkylation or petrochemical feed streams that may require as low as 2 wppm total sulfur.

"REGEN ULS is another breakthrough product from Merichem's research and development team that gives our refining customers practical and efficient solutions for increasingly complex challenges," said Kenneth F. Currie, Merichem chairman and CEO. "Merichem has transformed into an innovation and solutions company while maintaining our reputation for cost effectiveness and reliability. REGEN ULS continues Merichem's introduction of a suite of new and advanced technologies, products and services aimed at making hydrocarbon processing more effective at lower costs."

REGEN® ULS is designed to work in conjunction with Merichem's THIOLEX™ technology, which employs the highly reliable FIBER FILM® contactor as the mass transfer device. In addition, REGEN ULS works with competing mercaptan extraction technology units utilizing conventional mass transfer devices to improve overall sulfur removal from LPG-type products.

"REGEN ULS is so effective that in many cases LPG can be treated pre-fractionation in a single train compared with conventional technologies requiring treatment of multiple trains post fractionation," said Tom Varadi, vice president of Merichem Process Technologies. "REGEN ULS uses the non-dispersive proprietary FIBER FILM Contactor which is extremely reliable compared with available treating alternatives. The smaller footprint and smaller capital expenditure are attractive, too."

In addition to sulfur and acid removal technologies, Merichem is the industry leader in managing the beneficial reuse of refining caustic streams and naphthenic acid. Merichem chemical offerings include oxidation catalysts and soda chemicals.

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Merichem Company provides a diversified portfolio of technologies, products and services to a broad range of operations, including the refining and petrochemicals industry. With more than 1,000 licensed process units worldwide, Merichem is a leader in licensing patented process technologies and proprietary equipment to provide hydrocarbon treating solutions and by-product management services that remove sulfur and other impurities from hydrocarbon liquids and gases in the upstream and downstream energy sectors. Merichem began 65 years ago as a domestic operator in the United States and today offers products and services to customers worldwide. The company is headquartered in Houston, with offices in Chicago, Alabama, Tokyo and Shanghai.

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SOURCE: Merichem Company -- Merichem Gas Technologies