News | January 19, 2011

Merichem Introduces Innovation For Removing Mercaptan Odors From Crude; MERICAT C's Small Footprint Also Ideal Where Access Is Limited

Source: Merichem Company -- Merichem Gas Technologies

Modular, simple and cost-effective solution between well and pipeline employs reliable, proven FIBER FILM technology; Another in Merichem's next generation of hydrocarbon-treatment breakthroughs

Merichem Company, a global leader in hydrocarbon-treating technology, chemical and byproduct-management solutions, introduces MERICAT C, its latest innovation in removing light mercaptans and associated odors before crude oil enters the pipeline or ship.

MERICAT C is based on Merichem's popular, cost-effective MERICAT platform and employs Merichem's highly reliable and efficient proprietary FIBER FILM Contactor for this sweetening technology. The modular, simple MERICAT C has been designed with smaller space requirements and is ideal for standard sites, remote areas and sites where access and space are limited.

"MERICAT C is a response to evolutions of the industry and a clear expression of the innovation that is driving a transformed Merichem," said Kenneth F. Currie, Merichem Chairman and CEO. "We will continue to provide FIBER FILM and other leading technologies while focusing on developing the next generation of diversified offerings for a wide range of operations, including the upstream, refining and petrochemicals industry.

"Merichem plans to launch a suite of new and advanced technologies, products and services in the coming months aimed at making hydrocarbon processing more effective at lower costs."

MERICAT C, like MERICAT, uses the FIBER FILM Contactor as a mass-transfer device and employs a caustic/catalyst/air mixture as the treating reagent to remove hydrogen sulfide and sweeten mercaptan compounds in crude-oil, gasoline/naphtha and condensate streams.

"We are listening to customers and have ramped up our R&D to handle mid-to-light-gravity crudes" said Tom Varadi, Vice President and General Manager of Merichem Process Technologies. "The smaller footprint and simple structure of MERICAT C offer distinct advantages that many customers need Merichem has been providing key proprietary product improvement technologies for more than 35 years."

In addition to sulfur removal technologies, Merichem is the industry leader in managing the beneficial reuse of refining caustic streams. Merichem chemical offerings include oxidation catalysts, naphthenic acid and derivatives, and soda chemicals.

More information is available on Merichem's new updated website,

About Merichem Company
Merichem Company provides a diversified portfolio of technologies, products and services to a broad range of operations, including the refining, upstream and petrochemicals industry. With more than 1,000 licensed process units worldwide, Merichem is a leader in licensing patented process technologies and proprietary equipment to provide hydrocarbon treating solutions and by-product management services that remove sulfur and other impurities from hydrocarbon liquids and gases in the upstream and downstream energy sectors. Merichem began 65 years ago as a domestic operator in the United States and today offers products and services to customers worldwide. The company is headquartered in Houston, with office locations in Chicago, Alabama, Tokyo and Shanghai.

SOURCE: Merichem Company -- Merichem Gas Technologies