News | January 27, 2021

mxHero Announces GA Of New Email Security Feature Integrated With Box's Cloud Content Management Platform

MxHero customers will be able to automatically send secure, auto-expiring, password-protected email messages and attachments fully integrated with the Box

Today, mxHero announced General Availability (GA) of a new feature for the company's flagship product, Mail2Cloud. Under the latest release, customers will be able to automatically send secure, auto-expiring, password-protected email messages and attachments fully integrated with the Box's Cloud Content Management solution. After sending, email content (and/or attachments) are auto-routed into Box folders by mxHero's digital bridge and replaced with a secure Box link. With the new feature, an access password allowing access into the link is then automatically generated by mxHero for each recipient and delivered separately.

"mxHero has created a novel approach to providing our customers with a cloud-based solution that fully automates the integration of email with cloud content management solutions like Box. Today, we extend those powerful capabilities for our customers by allowing clients to further secure their email-centric content with auto-expiring, password authentication. Increasingly, CIO and CISO leaders have conveyed the importance of reducing their cyber-security threat surfaces powered by mxHero's digital bridge. With our newest product update, we're enabling our customers to not only expand their ability to digitally collaborate within an expanded enterprise content footprint but of equal importance - to do so even more securely!" said Don Hammons, Chief Customer Officer, mxHero.

With the new product release, users will have no software to install, nor changes in email use-behaviors. MxHero will automatically protect sensitive email content with auto-expiring, password-protected links. Organizations can allow their users to process emails in this fashion on an email-by-email basis, or they can centrally control all outbound emails and require them to be sent with self-expiring, password-protected links. In either case, mxHero customers will have additional security layers in place around their emails and, by rule, will govern how those digital assets are exposed. Combining these features with the robust collaboration and security advantages of Box, including Box Relay, Box Governance, Box Shield, Box Preview, and other capabilities - further extends the value of Box as a content system of record and as a content system of engagement.

As an additive benefit, customers who leverage Canon USA technologies, including enterprise network-enabled Multi-Function Printers, can also leverage mxHero. Clients can leverage the Canon-mxHero built secure scan-to-email capability currently available in the market via Canon Solutions America and the Canon at-large dealer network, including this new auto-expiring, password-protection feature for content sent from Canon devices. "We see content convergence across the landscape of enterprise digital strategies, and our ability to combine mxHero's digital bridge both at the email and the enterprise hardware level is a natural convergence of these digital aims. Our overarching goal is to reduce the cyber-security threat surface of outbound email while extending the advantages of the investments our customers are making with their digital hardware and their cloud storage platforms. This new feature powers this aim," said Alexis Panagides, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of mxHero.

MxHero intends to inform their customers and partner eco-system of this new security capability over the next several weeks. The product's new feature is expected to be GA on/about February 5th, 2021.

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MxHero's flagship offering, Mail2Cloud, is a cloud service that stores email and/or email attachments to targeted Cloud Content Management solutions. MxHero's digital bridge technology intelligently captures in-flight bi-directional email content and attachments. It automatically uplifts them to cloud content management platforms to accelerate human collaboration, workflow automation and improve cyber-security posture. Applications developed for mxHero's Mail2Cloud platform work with any email management program, including Gmail, Office 365, and Microsoft Exchange. More than 13,000 companies with over 1,000,000 users have enhanced their email capability with mxHero's solutions. For more information, visit

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