NEOSEP® is a new generation membrane bioreactor that uses enhanced biological treatment (activated sludge) and immersed membrane filtration to produce water quality suitable for recycle and reuse in municipal and industrial applications.

The NEOSEP® process provides a system that is compact and easy to use for treatment of high BOD/COD waste streams. The system footprint is significantly smaller than conventional treatment because the high biomass concentration enables the use of a smaller aeration tank and the efficient membrane filtration process eliminates the need for a clarifier.

Able to adapt to high load variations, the NEOSEP® process has been proven in a variety of food and beverage applications as well as oil and gas, chemical processing, pharmaceutical, automotive, textile and landfill operations. The high-quality effluent is suitable for recycle, reuse, irrigation or discharge to surface waters in pristine environments.

In the municipal market, NEOSEP® has received Title 22 certification in California as an acceptable technology for reuse applications.

Pilot testing in our mobile treatment unit is available to establish process parameters for your waste stream. Depending on the size of the system required, NEOSEP® is available in custom-designed or package systems.


  • Effective removal of organics, nitrogen and TSS
  • High treated water quality for recycle, reuse, irrigation or discharge
  • Adapts to high load variations
  • Compact footprint
  • Minimal operator attention and training
  • Sludge reduction
  • No nuisance odors or noise pollution
  • Ideal for refurbishing existing sites
  • Easy to install and expand
  • No final clarification (no risk of sludge loss)
  • High suspended matter removal
  • High bacterial removal rate

The NEOSEP® process is sold under the BIOSEP™ trademark outside of Japan and the United States.