News | October 25, 2018

Nissan Chemical America Corporation's nanoActiv® Enhanced Flowback Technology Increases Initial Oil And Gas Production

Pasadena, TX /PRNewswire/ - Nissan Chemical America Corporation (NCA) introduces Enhanced Flowback Technology (EFT) to complement its existing line of nanoActiv® products. nanoActiv® EFT is a nanoparticle micellar dispersion, employing a synergistic combination of a soybean extract solvent, a blend of surfactants and NCA's proprietary, patent-pending surface-modified silicon dioxide nanoparticles.

"One of the big challenges with hydraulic fracturing is that fracturing fluid filtrate can get trapped into the pore spaces in unconventional reservoirs causing a decrease in hydrocarbon mobility," explains NCA President, William L. Smith.

nanoActiv® EFT improves stimulation fluid interaction near the created and propped fracture faces and throughout the entire propped fracture network—increasing initial oil and gas production. It also delivers the unique advantages of fragmentation and reduction in interfacial tension.

"The presence of Nissan Chemical's supercharged nanoparticles in nanoActiv® EFT significantly increases the efficiency of the technology by contacting more surface area with a Brownian-motion, diffusion-driven mechanism known as disjoining pressure," says NCA Senior Petroleum Engineer, Yusra Ahmad.

Nissan Chemical's nanoActiv® EFT joins the existing nanoActiv® product line to deliver significantly more efficient and complete flowback of the fracturing fluids in a shorter period of time. nanoActiv® products demonstrate Nissan Chemical's commitment to supplying productive and innovative treatment fluids to the oil and gas industry.

About nanoActiv®
nanoActiv® solutions are high-efficiency intervention additives and methods—maximizing hydrocarbon production rates. The presence of patent-pending, surface-modified silicon dioxide nanoparticles means nanoActiv® solutions go further, work faster, and are effective longer, enabling higher volume hydrocarbon recovery.

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About Nissan Chemical America Corporation (NCA)
Nissan Chemical America Corporation is a division of Nissan Chemical Corporation founded in 1887 as the first chemical fertilizer manufacturer in Japan. A forerunner in chemical innovations for more than 130 years, Nissan Chemical currently manufactures products for the chemical, agrochemical, and pharmaceutical industries and is a market leader in the production of nanomaterials for the automotive, coatings, electronics, and oil and gas recovery industries.

SOURCE: Nissan Chemical America Corporation

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