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Selecting a nitrogen supply option tailored to your operations is key to reducing total cost and adding value to our operations
Selecting a nitrogen supply option tailored to your operations is key to reducing total cost and adding value to your operations. Air Products offers a range of supply options for meeting increased nitrogen demand, depending on your proximity to a bulk gas supply source, your required volume, and the purity needs for your particular application.

Supply Options:
Large cryogenic dedicated on-site plant. These on-sites are available in large volume and high purity options.

PRISM ® nitrogen membrane systems. For lower purity requirements up to 99.9% nitrogen, our family of membrane-based nitrogen generation systems can meet the needs of small to large-volume customers.

PRISM® nitrogen PSA systems. Air Products' proprietary PSA systems offer a highly reliable, low-cost nitrogen supply alternative. Our PSA nitrogen systems represent a broad family of models that are further customized to suit your specific requirements. Standard models offer flow rates up to 100,000 scfh (3000 Nm3/h) and nitrogen purities up to 99.9%.

PRISM® HPN systems (high-purity nitrogen). We offer standardized cryogenic plants providing nitrogen at cryogenic purity at flow rates up to 130,000 scfh.

Cryogenic nitrogen generators. Air Products offers a complete range of larger nitrogen generators for customers who need large volumes of high-purity nitrogen. For large volumes, >45,000 scfh (>1300 Nm3/h) applications, a cryogenic installation, often with associated liquid nitrogen production, is the most cost-effective supply.

Liquid nitrogen merchant supply. We deliver and store on-site in insulated tanks for use as liquid or gas after vaporization.

APEX industrial nitrogen services. Air Products offers fast, flexible temporary supply of nitrogen and associated services for inerting, cooldown, and purging.

Nitrogen audits. A comprehensive nitrogen review can be the first important step in identifying potential gas-related savings for refineries and chemical facilities. Air Products applies the same process and concepts to all industrial gas uses within a customer site under a Total Gas Management™ program.

Air Products' OUTLOOK® Total Gas Management Services program is designed to serve the needs of petroleum industry companies that require flawless gas supply at low total cost. With the service, full-time teams will work at your site to ensure uninterrupted supply of all cylinder, bulk, and pipeline gases as well as wet chemicals. The OUTLOOK services teams manage all the logistics--from procurement and inventory control, to delivery and in-plant distribution, to maintenance services, engineering, and technical consulting. We'll assess your needs and recommend ways to improve your productivity, and we'll monitor the performance of our recommended changes. We'll put you back in control of your business and deliver guaranteed cost savings of at least 15% over what you're spending right now.

In fact, we are the world leader in providing onsite gas management services, with over 120 sites around the world, including sites for BP Amoco, Chevron, Shell, Tosco, and others. And we've had a 100% success rate with our customers since we began offering this service in 1993. Contact us to schedule an on-site assessment

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