Odor Control for Mercaptans and Other sulfur-based Products

Source: Vapor Tech
Mercaptans are sulfur-based products with a heavy, penetrating odor
Mercaptans are sulfur-based products with a heavy, penetrating odor. Vapor Tech manufactures a neutralizing agent for these chemicals. There are many products on the market today that are used to clean or deodorize mercaptans. Some companies try to mask the odors with essential oils, while other companies treat the mercaptan with biological 'bugs'. Both of these are slow, sometimes ineffective, solutions. We tackle the mercaptan from a different angle.

When mixed with a light bleach solution (sodium hypochlorite), this product instantly neutralizes the mercaptan and associated odors.

  • Consists of a deodorizer/emulsifier/encapsulator complex.
  • Instantly brings mercaptan into solution (soluble in water)
  • Provides instant odor control for spills or cleaning activities.
  • Excellent for use in scrubber systems
  • May be mixed with hydrogen peroxide instead of bleach

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