News | September 5, 2007

Offshore Hydrocarbon Mapping And Rock Solid Images Join Forces

Houston & London, TX - Offshore Hydrocarbon Mapping (OHM) has completed the acquisition of Houston US based Rock Solid Images (RSI).

RSI is the industry leader in the integration of fundamental rock physics with well data and surface seismic in order to interpret geophysical signatures in terms of reservoir properties such as lithology, porosity and saturation, providing geologic insight and reservoir understanding at all stages of the oilfield lifecycle; it is OHM's intention to invest in RSI to allow them to grow this business and to develop their technical lead.

Controlled Source Electromagnetic imaging (CSEM), provided by OHM, is an innovative offshore geophysical technique, employing electromagnetic remote-sensing technology to detect the presence and extent of hydrocarbon accumulations below the seabed.

The acquisition is driven by the belief that highly valuable information can be gained from the intelligent combination of CSEM and seismic data, calibrated where possible by well log information. OHM and RSI's researchers consider that these two remote sensing measurements are completely complimentary and, when properly combined, can lead to quantitative measurement of important rock and fluid properties such as permeability and hydrocarbon saturation.

By carefully combining these disparate data types and exploiting the strengths of each, estimates of rock and fluid properties such as gas saturation and porosity can be obtained with greater confidence than from any one data type alone. Doing this will allow the Group's researchers to provide maps of reservoir properties across the extent of a field. The approaches developed will help industry exploit the strengths of these diverse data types in hydrocarbon exploration and reservoir management, and thus add value to both existing data and new acquisition.

Dave Pratt, CEO of Offshore Hydrocarbon Mapping plc, said:

"The acquisition of Rock Solid Images brings together two leaders in the reservoir imaging field. We have been collaborating together for over a year on initiatives to integrate CSEM data into Rock Solid Images' geologic models and initial feasibility work carried out on a North Sea dataset has yielded exciting results. Together, we will be able to accelerate research and development in this area and intend to secure the ownership of intellectual property rights developed in this field. This acquisition, together with our strategic alliance with CGGVeritas, announced in July, will enable us to develop and implement leading technological solutions arising from the combination of CSEM and seismic data."

Richard Cooper, CEO of Rock Solid Images, added:

"We are delighted to be joining forces with Offshore Hydrocarbon Mapping. Integrating controlled source electromagnetic data with inverted seismic data offers substantial opportunities for de-risking potential and known hydrocarbon reservoirs.

Rock Solid Images will continue to provide leading-edge products and services for pre-stack seismic conditioning, well-driven rock-physics and seismic inversion. The new relationship with OHM allows us to accelerate our joint R&D program and will result in the release of a number of new, state-of-the-art seismic/CSEM products to complement our existing offerings in this area."

SOURCE: Offshore Hydrocarbon Mapping