News | November 6, 2008

OHM Rock Solid Images Release Of iMOSS-em Modelling Tool At SEG 2008 Convention

HOUSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Following the acquisition of Rock Solid Images in August of 2007 by Offshore Hydrocarbon Mapping plc, the company announced today the release of the latest enhancement to its flagship iMOSS modelling application.

OHMRSI President, Richard Cooper stated: "OHM Rock Solid Images is quite unique in our ability to de-risk oil and gas exploration and exploitation using integrated seismic, well and CSEM data. We believe that integration of seismic, CSEM and well information is the key to maximizing the value of these data. Scenario modelling is a major component of joint-interpretation; our latest iMOSS-em tool provides simultaneous modelling of seismic and CSEM response driven by a common earth-model which may be perturbed to test various reservoir analogues. This tool has been developed as part of the Industry funded WISE project which is already yielding exciting new insights into how we find and quantify hydrocarbons using multiple data types."

Dave Pratt, Executive Chairman, added: "OHM Rock Solid Images is a new breed of company which brings together geologists, petrophysicists, and geophysicists, both seismic and EM. We believe integration of surface geophysical data is the way of the future and allows our customers to make more reliable predictions of hydrocarbon potential at all stages of the reservoir cycle."

OHM Rock Solid Images will be at Stand 1320 at the SEG 2008 Convention in Las Vegas from 9th to 12th November 2008.

SOURCE: OHM Rock Solid Images