Optical Gas Imaging Camera: FLIR GF620

Source: FLIR Systems, Inc – Oil and Gas Solutions

The FLIR GF620 is an optical imaging camera designed to detect and visualize methane and other volatile organic compounds. This high-resolution, high-sensitivity camera features a 640 x 480 IR detector. It is also the first FLIR OGI camera to offer Quantification mode (Q-mode) for streamlined set-up of the optional QL320 gas quantification system.

The GF620 is able to see smaller leaks at the same distance, thanks to a 4x increase in pixels within the field of view. The camera measures up to 350°C with ±1°C accuracy to ensure optimal contrast, or to improve detection with High Sensitivity Mode (HSM). Additional features include an InSb detector type, a 14-bit dynamic range, 38 mm (1.49 in.) focal length, and 1-8x continuous digital zoom.

For more in-depth information on the FLIR GF620, download the datasheet.