Packaged Systems

Source: Chromalox Precision Heat and Control
Boilers & Steam Generators are efficient energy management systems constructed of carbon or stainless steel with fiberglass insulation
Hot Oil and Water Systems
Chromalox offers Hot Oil and Water systems that are self-contained heat/cool packages and provide direct or indirect process heating. Heat transfer systems consist of temperature and power controls, expansion tanks, heat exchangers, pumps, valves, gauges and all necessary piping. Choosing a Chromalox heat transfer system eliminates concerns of component selection and assembly. Select from water or oil temperature control systems for circulation in a closed loop process. Chromalox can design ASME coded systems with standard wattage ranges from 9 to 1200 kW, 208 to 575 volts and single or 3-phase operation. Other voltages, kW ratings, phases and accessories are available.

Horizontal Electrical Vaporizers
Horizontal Electric Vaporizers for use with Dowtherm®, Therminol® and other organic fluids, consist of pre-engineered, pre-wired and piped packages designed for flexible, dependable and efficient operation. Unlike steam heating, these units transfer heat to processes at high temperatures and low pressures. All vaporizers are ASME certified to 150 psi at 750°F with 300 lb. construction throughout. Seal welded element design eliminates leaks and improves serviceability on the heater. Standard power ratings include 208 to 575 volts, single or 3-phase operation and 15 to 300 kW. Available with over-pressure, process, remote or skid mounted controls. Optional NEMA weather resistant or explosion resistant enclosures and other electrical ratings and capacities are available.

Compact Hot Oil and Water Systems
Compact Hot Oil or Hot Water systems are fully equipped, portable packages capable of reaching maximum operating temperatures of 550°F. Electrical capacity from 4 to 80 kW, 240 or 480 volts with 3-phase operation. Chromalox stocks a wide variety of sizes, kW ratings and voltages for many processes. Plus, you can choose from the latest state-of-the-art solid state controls.

Tank Heaters
Tank heaters are pre-engineered packages utilizing metal sheath tubular or ceramic insulated, open coil pipe insert heating components for use in 2" and 3" nominal pipe sizes. Combining heating components with temperature and for use in 2" and 3" nominal pipe sizes. power controls and safety cutouts provides a complete tank heating system. Tank heaters are ideal for applications in the chemical/petrochemical industry, including bulk oil storage and asphalt heating. Heating elements can be removed without draining tanks for quick service. Special designs for underground tanks are also available. Choose from a wide selection of welded or flanged connections, NEMA type control enclosures, voltages between 208 and 575 volts and ratings as high as 200 kW. Options include special ratings, lengths to 40 feet, replacement parts and back-up controls. Separate insert heaters are also available.

Boilers & Steam Generators
Boilers & Steam Generators are efficient energy management systems constructed of carbon or stainless steel with fiberglass insulation; they provide low or high pressure steam or hot water for industrial processes and comfort heating. Electrical capacity on standard units range between 3 kW (10.2 Btu/hr) and 1600 kW (5459 Btu/hr) and operate on a single or 3-phase current with voltages between 120 and 600 volts. Capacities available up to 5000 pounds of steam per hour at 250 psig. ASME code construction is standard to all units manufactured by Chromalox. Select from NPT or flanged connections. Optional transformers, water feed and blowdown equipment are available and in stock. Chromalox has the engineering expertise to design and manufacture large capacity electric boilers to meet a variety of applications.

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