Pentair Single UltiSep®

Source: Pentair Oil & Gas Separations


The new series of the UltiSep family is designed with Compressor Packagers in mind. This new design offers packagers an improved option when it comes to their fuel gas needs. With this new Single UltiSep, end users are getting high performance filtration at a very competitive cost! The Single UltiSep series is designed to handle both particulates and liquids at high efficiencies, protecting compressor packages from failure due to feed contaminants.

Utilizing inside to out flow along with a .3 micron efficiency, this Single UltiSep® is a true, efficient coalescer. Cost saving for this design does not stop with just the initial purchase of the vessel. The element is designed with cost benefits throughout its concept. By utilizing single stage separation, we can eliminate the tube sheet that is found in conventional filter separators. The elimination of the tube sheet allows us to use only one set of controls to operate the vessel, compared to two, found on other designs.

The design also shortens the overall length of the vessel considerably compared to a conventional filter separator. This is key a factor when mounting vessels to compressor skids. By reducing the length of the vessel we are reducing the leverage and stress that is put on the mounting points. To help improve this, we have also added gussets to the design. The addition of this feature gives the vessel added support to withstand vibrations produced by the compressor and its engine. Thus eliminating any need for bracing or other support structures to be added by the packager.