Pharmaceutical Filling Systems For Nested Syringes, Vials and Cartridges: FXS Combi

FXS Combi

The FXS Combi is an extremely flexible solution for pharmaceutical filling operations.

Depending on the output and container, the machine with two, five or even ten positions processes pre-sterilized syringes, vials and cartridges at low, medium and high output rates.

The FXS Combi features an integrated capping station for vials and cartridges. For you this implies a space-saving adaptation to production environment and line concepts combined with maximum safety and product yield.


  • All packaging types on one machine (nested syringes, vials and cartridges)
  • Suited for all common Syntegon filling technologies
  • Very precise filling operations for high product yield
  • Easy and quick format changes
  • Integrated capping station for maximum pharmaceutical safety
  • Flexible integration in complete line concepts


  • Fully automatic in-process control (IPC)
  • Vacuum filling and vacuum stopper insertion
  • Upstream expansion with manual or fully automated tub and bag openers
  • Flexible drug development with single-use filling system PreVAS
  • Combination with RABS and isolator