PI-ActiveView (Client)

Source: OSI Software, Inc.
The PI-ActiveView product is used to create and view PI-ProcessBook displays over the Internet.
OSI Software, Inc.prise Data Available On the Internet
The PI-ActiveView product is used to create and view PI-ProcessBook displays over the Internet. It leverages standard Microsoft technologies to move existing PI Display Documents saved by PI-ProcessBook into that environment. Existing displays are first saved on the Web server as PI Display Documents. PI-ActiveView development tools and a Web page editor are then used to build a Web page and provide necessary PI-ActiveView components. Viewers of PI-ActiveView can now access these pages via Web browsers. PI-ProcessBook is not needed on the remote browser PC to access PI data. The major features of PI-ActiveView include:
  • Automatic Downloads for Components and Configuration. Cabinet files (.cab) support automatic downloading of the necessary PI-ActiveView components and configuration onto the remote browser PC. These .cab files are MSZIP standard compressed files that ensure efficient downloading of the components.
  • Security. Digital signatures are applied to the .cab files using the Microsoft Authenticode technology. It provides additional user security by protecting the user from tampered components. Standard PI login procedure with username/password prevents unauthorized data access from PI servers.
  • PI-ProcessBook Development Environment. The PI-ProcessBook Development Environment provides unique features to PI-ActiveView. Event updates get positive acknowledgement by "handshaking". Dynamic PI data events are brought to the Web environment. Embedded PI-ProcessBook elements are automatically downloaded to the remote browser PC.
  • Preserves PI-ProcessBook Displays that use ActiveX Controls. PI-ActiveView Control is an ActiveX Control. Web pages that use PI-ActiveView can embed the same ActiveX Controls that is used with PI-ProcessBook displays. Embedded controls will download to the client browser with the ProcessBook display that contains them.
  • Ease of Maintenance. PI-ActiveView automatically downloads the necessary components to provide version control on the remote browser PC.
  • Standard Microsoft Technology. PI-ActiveView provides viewers with familiar MS Windows and PI-ProcessBook features to connect and share corporate information worldwide.

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