PI Client Applications - Overview

Source: OSI Software, Inc.
Delivering Live, Streaming Plant Information to The Industrial Desktop
OSI Software, Live, Streaming Plant Information to The Industrial Desktop

PI Client Software includes several Microsoft Windows based graphical user interfaces for displaying, analyzing, and reporting information stored in the PI Data Archive and other corporate databases. The core Client Software tools of the PI System industrial desktop are listed below:

PI-ProcessBook is the premier graphical user interface for the PI System industrial desktop. It provides customers with graphical process symbols, live trend displays, bar graphs and other dynamic data represent the plant process in a Microsoft Windows environment.

PI-ActiveView The PI-ActiveView product is used to create and view PI-ProcessBook displays over the Internet via Web browsers. PI-ProcessBook is not needed on the remote browser PC to access PI data.

PI-DataLink turns your Microsoft Excel or Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet into a front end for PI data. With PI-DataLink, you can use a spreadsheet to write reports based on process data, publish reports in a number of formats, automatically update them, perform complex database queries, and create advanced applications to streamline your business processes.

PI-BatchView is the client portion of the PI Batch server package that lets the user view batch data in the Microsoft Windows environment.

PI-SQC automates the task of charting process history and performing statistical calculations to achieve a consistent long-term SQC history of process behavior. PI-SQC is a client application add-in to PI-ProcessBook.

PI-Profile is a PC based PI client application used to display and analyze arrays of data including cross direction, multi-cross direction, and surface view of arrays of PI tags.

PI-ControlMonitor is a PC based client application for PI designed to assist operations personnel to increase utilization of their control system.

PI-Manual Logger is a PC based PI client application used to manually log data into the PI system that are not collected automatically from instruments and control systems.

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