PI-SDK (Integration)

Source: OSI Software, Inc.
The PI Software Development Kit (PI-SDK) is a programming tool providing access to PI servers.
OSI Software, Inc.ware Development Kit (PI-SDK) is a programming tool providing access to PI servers. The software consists of an ActiveX in-process server, an ActiveX control, and supporting code libraries. The kit comes with on-line documentation, example code, various support files, and tools. The PI-SDK runs on 32-bit Windows platforms and provides access to servers on all PI platforms. Based on Microsoft's Component Object Model (COM), the software can be used with most WIN32 programming environments. The kit is particularly well integrated with Microsoft Visual Basic providing rapid development and deployment of PI applications.

The PI-SDK provides an object-oriented approach to program interaction with PI Systems. It delivers a hierarchical model of objects and collections representing the components of PI servers. This approach provides for intuitive and efficient access. As an example, the software can be used to manage PI Data Archive servers and also find, create and modify PI Points and attributes.

Programming Examples
This sample displays the current Known Server List, connects to servers and retrieves the ServerVersion information. It demonstrates adding and removing new servers using Servers.Add and Servers.Remove.

This sample creates a point with some initial attributes. It has been updated to use the new PILogin control delivered with build 15 of the PI-SDK.

This sample finds points on a PI server and displays their attributes. It illustrates use of the Servers.

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